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Mind Renewal Challenge No. 1

I had several challenges going on Instagram. It was so confusing and difficult to keep up with them. So I revamped them and put them all into one called the Mind Renewal Challenge.

The goal of the Mind Renewal Challenge is to help you get 'unstuck' from the cycle of toxic thinking. Each week you will find a new challenge to move you forward. (note: due to the spring launch next week. . . there won't be a challenge. :D)

Mind Renewal Challenge No.1

Practice Gratitude

Pretty much any google search will give you a boatload of articles proclaiming the benefits of practicing gratitude. So I won't add to them. But I will say it's definitely worth looking into. The thing is though we can know all the facts and benefits of it but it won't do a lick of good unless we begin practicing it. So here's your challenge: Every morning and evening list 3 things for which you can be grateful. I recommend having a notebook or journal where you can write these 'gratitudes' down. Try to be as original as possible. Look for new things every day.

Examples would be: the steam rising from my morning coffee, the sunshine warming my skin, the way his little hand holds mine, the world turning green

Note: You only have to do this for 21 days and it will be a habit.

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