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Mind Renewal Challenge No. 2

Have you heard of deep breathing? I have this app on my watch that will remind me to breathe deeply every so often during the day. I honestly thought it was a lot of hocus pocus. So I turned it off after so many days. However, I recently learned that deep breathing can take you from a place of panic to a place of calm like nothing else can and that it only takes 6 breathes to get there. When you are stressed and panicked you start breathing very shallow which alerts your body that something isn't right. Which then makes it go into flight or fight mode. So those deep breaths are actually a RESET for your central nervous system. Basically those deep breaths tell your body that it's ok to relax and to calm down and it shuts down the flight or fight mode you're in. From what I have heard, it's not something that you can achieve in any other way. At least not that quickly.

I've been using it left and right and I can say it DOES work. It can calm you down in an anxiety attack. Relax you at night when you're trying to go to sleep. It calms you in the middle of a stressful work situation. It's just pretty cool. I love that God made our bodies work in such special ways and that something as simple as deep breathing can calm us down.

So try it out. Let me know how it works for you.

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