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Mind Renewal Challenge, No. 4

"Movement is a tangible and accessible coping mechanism for all abilities, fitness levels and ranges of mobility." University of Colorado

Some benefits of moving:

  • Releases endorphins and helps relieve stress

  • Allows us to take a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities

  • Helps emotions move through our bodies

You can dance, jump on the trampoline, play tag with the kids, run through a sprinkler, push play on a workout. Don't let yourself get caught in the one size fits all mentality, it does not have to be a run, it does not have to make you break into a dripping sweat. It's about your body moving. It can be as simple as just stretching. You know what your body is capable of, respect it. Just move it someway, somehow. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel once you're done.

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